Bands....Yes or No?


I am going to cut right to the point, in my opinion bands are essentially useless when pairing them with dynamic exercises.

Why is this?

Bands don’t work for training through a full range of motion due to the interruption of the strength curve, faulty motor unit recruitment and weak link mismatching. Or simply, everyone has different sticking points through a given range of motion due to variability in anatomy. Just like the lat pull-down won’t get you strict pull-ups and the hamstring curl machine won’t get you nordic curls, banded dynamic exercises won’t lead to the given motion. 

Now if you have already purchased every color band from Rogue fitness, don’t worry they still can provide some use. All of the reasons I listed above on why bands don’t work apply to dynamic exercises. These problems are non-existent in static positions (isometric). This is why all of the Rebuild Brand CO programs include a hefty dose of isometric training.

This is because the body adapts to isometric holds quite quickly in comparison with dynamic efforts. A great place to utilize bands would be if you were not yet capable of performing chin over the bar isometric holds, to use bands to support yourself. One possible way to program this, would look like this;

A. Chin over the bar isometric hold: 5 x 10-30 seconds; rest 60

Typically once someone is strong enough to perform an isometric exercise for 30 seconds, its time to progress to a harder variation or in the case of the bands, a less resistant band. Increasing volume and frequency is a must down the line for progress to be made. Effort should still be made to move on from the elastic band assisted chin-up holds as quickly as possible, into the real chin over the bar hold.

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