Nordic Curl

Incase you missed part 1 in the series check it out here.

As a review In this 3 part series we are going to cover execution. scaling and programming of a few popular lower body, bodyweight exercises

Why Bodyweight Exercises for the Lower Body?

While I feel the best way to develop strength and explosiveness for the lower body is through squatting and pulling, there is an extremely neglected component with these exercises in building balance, coordination and useable mobility.

If you are truly interested in health and longevity those components are just as important as strength and explosiveness.

Nordic Curls

We are continuing with my favorite and EASILY the hardest posterior chain exercise…. meaning the Glute Ham bench is kids stuff compared to this!

Whatever variation you are working, this is being performed with your knees flat on the floor as opposed to the common glute ham (GH) bench. The problem with the GH bench is as you increase your range of motion your knees go lower from the initial start position.

This A) changes the demands on the hamstrings (its easier) and B) allows you to create leverage between the bench and your knees on the way back up. In comparison to the Nordic curl with your knees at a fixed set point.

Just like the shrimp squat, the Nordic curl set-up creates a poor mechanical advantage, simply making it more difficult.

Version 1: Nordic Curl Version 1

Version 2: Nordic Curl Version 2

Version 3: Nordic Curl Version 3

Programming Consideration

These generally can be placed in the beginning of a lower body strength day. Meaning if you are doing heavy squatting, and looking for an exercise to superset with, Nordic curls should be your top choice. Once you become more comfortable with these you can also incorporate them in a format that requires a little more urgency and gets the heart rate up, just like as in the second example.

Example 1:

A1. Back Squat @40X1: 5 reps x 5 sets; rest 90 seconds

A2. Nordic Curls @40X0: 5 reps x 5 sets; rest 90 seconds

Example 2:

EMOM x 10 Minutes:

Minute 1: Snatch from floor + 3 overhead squats

Minute 2: Nordic curls x 5 reps

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