Gain a new level of strength and mobility you never thought possible, all while keeping you constantly excited about training!

Want to learn exactly how to ACTUALLY gain control of your body? Remote programming with Dr. Hendricks is programming done for you, using gymnastic strength training for the upper body, to build strength and mobility combined with Olympic lifting and Power lifting for the lower body.

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Or maybe it was the excitement of the prospect of how much potential you still had to get stronger and faster. And then came the burnout, injuries and lack of enthusiasm around training.

You tell yourself “I need to do some sort of functional program to break through this plateau” But constantly doing slightly different twists on the same traditional body building or functional exercises is only going to take you so far.

It’s time to start challenging yourself again . . . .

Relive your first Muscle-up or Double Under with movements that have a much higher return on investment for strength and mobility!


Dr. Wes Hendricks is both a Chiropractor and strength and conditioning coach, Wes works with athletes in a variety of different capacities to increase their movement complexity through gymnastic strength training. 

Instead of just watching youtube videos and trying to do it on your own randomly piecing your training together, imagine walking into the gym excited and knowing exactly what to do. Your master plan will be waiting for you to follow every step.

THE SECRET TO HEALTH: As a sports chiropractor it became apparent that training gymnastics not only is the best way to improve strength and mobility, but the more athletes I worked with, the more I began to realize it was simultaneously fixings athletes chronic issues that they had never been able to previously fix.

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When you begin remote programming with Dr. Hendricks you will get:

  • Program designed specifically for your goals!

  • Text communication for consistent feedback on your training.

  • Video submission review - Most athletes will text during their rest sets and get feedback on the spot, being able to make immediate corrections to their movement.

You have Questions. . . . We Have answers

  • Who is this Programming for?

    • This program is for the athletes asking themselves “Whats the sense of doing another timed workout or lifting 1 lb heavier?” If you haven’t learned new things in a long time and you feel you can’t really get that much better in your current training this paradigm shift in training will occupy you for years to come!

  • How do I warm-up and mobilize?

    • Warm ups are provided for each workout that will get you most efficiently prepared for the upcoming training session

  • What Equipment will I need?

    • Pull-up bar, gymnastic rings, barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells and bands….Yes thats it! Minimal equipment for maximal you!

  • Is there any sort of commitment?

    • Dr. Hendricks requires no extended commitment. It is strictly on a month to month basis. He believes the programming and coaching will speak for itself. With that said this type of training is more connective tissue based strength, as opposed to standard weightlifting which is more muscle belly focused. Noticeable changes in the connective tissue generally takes 2-3 months, so we always recommend 3 months to noticeable progress.