If you are looking to gain more control of your body, Remote Programming is for you!

Unsure if this type of training is for you? Download our Sample Program

Unsure if this type of training is for you? Download our Sample Program

Are you eager to learn and improve how you move? Do you need someone to help you achieve your training goals?

Every athlete has different strengths and weaknesses which require a different approach to maximizing athletic potential — YOUR potential!

If you want a custom, individualized program design, and want to improve as efficiently as possible — then personalized coaching may be right for you.

Coaching can be done in-person or remote if you’re not in Charleston.

Personalized Coaching with Rebuild includes:

  1. Programming designed specifically for you and your needs

  2. Text access to your coach for video review and answers to your questions to ensure you are continuing to hit your goals

  3. Dr. Hendricks will also provide any instructional videos, training overviews and support needed in your movement journey.

Instead of just watching youtube videos and trying to do it on your own randomly piecing your training together, imagine walking into the gym excited and knowing exactly what to do. Your master plan will be waiting for you to follow every step.

This program is the most personalized and interactive program we offer at Rebuild. Coaching will put you on the fastest track to meeting your training and movement goals.

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