Athlete Highlight - Training not Treatment fixed his Sciatic Pain

Athlete Highlight 

Let me introduce you guys to Brandon. Brandon was one of the last new clients I took on while living in Boston. Brandon also had a history of chronic lower back pain from sciatica. Meaning he was experiencing spinal disc pain on a regular basis(this is not an enjoyable experience).

Naturally you would think if Brandon came to me for help I would “crack” his back or use a laser on him. You assumed incorrectly! On day one working with Brandon we were in the gym squatting, deadlifting, kettlebell swinging and utilizing the assault bike. All of these movements by conventional wisdom are thought to be avoided by someone with disc related pain. 

After our last session Brandon gave me a thank you card, which in it said “you truly are a miracle work and an amazing trainer! I never thought my back pain would be completely gone but its gone.”

While I would like to think I am a “miracle worker,” Brandon is the one who did all the work and was a total bad ass, never quitting! 

1. Which movie did you like better, Sharknado 1 orSharknado 3?

 I'll get back to you when I watch it....(Last week was shark week so hopefully Brandon had a chance to watch both)

2. What is your favorite and least favorite exercise? 

Favorite exercise: deadlifts

Least favorite: conditioning on the assault bike (EMOM).

3. If you could go to dinner with Benny, anywhere, where would you take him and why?

Probably a Kobe beef farm in Japan where Benny can eat a delicious well marbled piece of raw meat.

4. Throughout our training together, what made you coming back for more?

Having chronic sciatic pain and back pain for a while due to a car accident, I needed guidance to get back into being active again. After training with Wes for several months, the pain subsided and hardly feel any sciatic pain. Though the workouts were tough and I always questioned myself during the workouts why I chose to do this. It is the pain-free life I can have after training that lead me to come back for more. Also the 26 lbs I lost and fitting in my clothes better was encouraging too. 

5.  If you could pick one song to be the soundtrack to your life, or have a theme song, what would it be and why?

Hmmm...the only that comes to mind right now is the Pokemon theme song.