You Need To Improve Your Grip Strength

I need to work on looking like I am having more fun while training grip 

I need to work on looking like I am having more fun while training grip 

Why should anyone care about grip strength? The simple act of gripping can have a great influence on the elbow, neck and shoulders. Gripping will simultaneously increase rotator cuff muscle activity which is essential is to stabilize the shoulder joint. 

How Do I Know if My Grip is Weak?

If you can’t hang from a pull-up bar EASILY for 60 seconds you need to work on your grip. Even if you can, you should still work on your grip! When you give that test a try make sure you wrap your thumb around the bar.

Go ahead and make a fist as hard as you can. Did you squeeze with your thumb or leave it out? Thumbs are part of gripping, don't leave it out with other activities just because it may be uncomfortable at first. 

Just Incase You Aren't Convinced Yet

Increasing grip strength could simultaneously decrease the activity of other muscles that could be over firing, which can possibly cause things such as pinching in the front or the back of the shoulder or pinching on the inside or outside of the elbow. Weak grip can also cause an athlete to compensate with any upper body lifting.

If You Can’t Grip it You Can’t Manipulate It.

There are a number of great grip training tools available. The best place to start would either be to pick a time range that your grip just begins to get a little spicy hanging from the pull-up bar. Hop off and rest the same amount of time you hung for, repeat for 5-7 sets. Or you could start performing your deadlifts with a double overhand, no hook grip as well as your olympic lifts with no hook grip.

 It’s definitely not a fun or exciting aspect of training but your shoulders, elbows and neck will appreciate it.