Biggest Bang For your Buck Mobility

Biggest bang for your buck mobility | Part 3 

I am finishing up this series with sitting in the bottom position of the squat. I decided to save this one for last for a few reasons. First off all it is the most difficult amongst the three as it actually require a little bit of work(at first). I also figured it was time to show everyone’s lower body some love.

Why the squat?

We adress foot, ankle, knee, hip and spinal health all in one move. Once again seems like a no brainer in terms of  “biggest bang for your buck.” I know a lot of people cover sitting in the bottom position of the squat, and when they demo it, they probably look a lot like the picture above. It’s effortless for them. The problem with this is people try to replicate it. They think if I try hard enough eventually I will look like that. They get down into the bottom position anyway they can and strain as much as possible to hold this position.

News flash that is a terrible idea! If you do that you are probably actually going to make things worse, not better!

 If you don’t look like the picture above you probably need a little assistance to get started, which is completely fine.  

How do we get started with this. The best variation to get started is to hold on to something like a squat rack where you don’t require a lot of work to comfortably sit there. As that gradually becomes easier you can progress to something like either elevating your heels or holding onto a weight as a counterbalance. The goal with whatever variation you use is to maintain a proper spinal position and to strain as little as possible.

You don’t want to view this so much as a mobility drill or stretch but as a way to just reverse all the bad positions you have put yourself in throughout the day and bringing a little blood flow to areas that haven’t received much movement throughout the day. The call of action this week is to to accumulate 10 minutes throughout the day in the bottom position of the squat.