The Best "Hip" Stretch you aren't doing

The Best “Hip” Stretch you Aren”t Doing

Of all the muscles we utilize during a normal running gait cycle we can narrow down some of the big players to include the Hamstrings, Glute Max, Quads and Adductor Magnus. 

Yes the Adductor Magnus. This muscle is effectively divided into two components. There is an adductor portion, which its main function is hip flexion(and adduction). There is also a hamstring portion, which its main function is hip extension.

This sounds a lot like running! 

Problems with the Adductor Magnus in terms of length or ability to produce strength can cause running form issues which can result in a number issues such as lower back or knee pain.

The video uptop is a simple and effective way to stretch primarily the hip flexion portion of your Adductor Magnus. Next week I will address how to stretch the hip extension or hamstring portion of the Adductor Magnus and why you are most likely stretching your hamstrings incorrectly.