Weighted Mobility Seminar

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Weighted Mobility Seminar


Motivated coaches and athletes are invited to learn the proper tools and techniques to improve movement. Regardless of how you move or train everyone should know how to appropriately approach rehabbing, pre-habbing, mobilizing, stabilizing and strengthening the body.

Join movement coach Dr. Wes Hendricks for a completely new perspective on not just improving movement but how you move in general. At the end of this weighted mobility course you will walk away knowing:

  • What weighted mobility is and why its the most important tool you’re not using.

  •  How to increase lower traps strength because it is the key to accessing upper body strength

  •  How to mobilize your upper back and what no one else is telling you about it

  •  How the acquisition of movement transferability is the key to life long joint health  

  •  How to program weighted mobility work into training sessions so that you and your clients can enjoy the power of better movement.

    Past Seminars:

    Crossfit Invictus BackBay

    Crossfit Invictus Fenway

    Brick Boston

    Body + Fuel | Fitness

    Crossfit Jamaica Plains

    Crossfit Wando

    Crossfit Integrity

    Crossfit Park West

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