Do You have Normal Functioning Ankles


Do you have shin splints with running? What about knee or hip pain? Lower back pain? Maybe all of them!

It really should be no surprise, running is freaking complicated! If you really analysis running, you never have both feet on the ground at the same time, when that one foot is in contact with the ground its roughly for 250 milliseconds. In that period of time you need to have harmonious strength, flexibility and correct firing patterns. A 10km run can see upwards of 10,000 steps.

It would make sense if you are a runner you want your feet to function like feet, your ankles to function like ankles and your hips to function like hips.

First off all what do I mean by your ankle function like an ankle.

Can your ankle access the normal ranges of motion it should have or does it move more like it’s in a ski boot.

One of the first things I check on all my runners is do they have the necessary dorsiflexion in their ankles.  Because if they don’t they are going to end up compensating somewhere else.

Just imagine trying to run in ski boots!

Go ahead and give the above test a try to see if your ankles function like ankles. What you want to do is keep your heel flat on the ground the entire time. When you bring your knee to the wall make sure it goes directly over your second and third toe. Don’t try to cheat by having your foot collapse in or turning your shoulders. The furthest your can get your big toe from the wall without the heel lifting up is your score. I like to see runners at least 4” from the wall.